Iran Tour (6 nights 7 days)
Day 1-2: visiting Tehran
Tehran, a modern megalopolis, prides itself in having inimitable museums with immense and unsurpassed collections and manufactured article dating from the earliest commencement of history to the present era. Our tour begins with a trip to the Archeological Museum, one of the atypical places in the world where we will have the special opportunity to visit and experience the "evolution of mankind" through the marvelous display of historical remnants. Next on the schedule is our very much-awaited chance to relish the idiosyncratic flavor of Iranian cuisine. Lunch will be set in a wonderful traditional Iranian restaurant where we will taste a wide range of delightful Persian dishes and desserts. Afterwards, we will visit a world of jewels in a inestimable Crown Jewels Museum one of which is one of the two greatest diamonds, Darya-e-Noor (sea of light). At the end of the day, we will get a chance to see a variety of Persian hand-woven carpets and rugs in the Carpet Museum which houses more than 100 stunning pieces from all over Iran. On top of that, we will also be given an insight into the history of these carpets. Stay overnight in Tehran.
Day 3-4: visiting Yazd, driving to Isfahan
Today's tour includes visiting Dakhmeh (tower of silence, where Zoroastrians leave the deceased cadaver to be eaten by vultures). The Zoroastrian fire temples are the next steps which come under three categories in terms of importance: Dadgah fire that is lit at residence and has no sanctification ceremony. It is lit by the Zoroastrian priests, but ordinary people could light it too. We will get a breath-taking perspective of the oldest adobe city. On this day, we will drive 300 km from Yazd to Isfahan which is in the environs of Dasht-e-Kavir and the attractive city of Nain. Nain is known as the city of cisterns and possesses around 80 cisterns. We will get a chance to visit one of the oldest and most important mosques of Persian Islamic structural design. Stay overnight in Isfahan.
Day 5: day visiting Shiraz
Shiraz has a status as an enlightened city that has been at the centre of Persian tradition for more than 2,000 years, and was at one time the country's capital. Shiraz is crowned as the heartland of Persian culture and this city of superiority will never fail to conjure up up images of roses and nightingales, gardens and poetry. Early in the morning, relish in the highlights of Shiraz when it was the capital of Iran during the Zand reign. Be inspired by the magnificent Karim Khan palace, the splendid Vakil mosque, Vakil Bazaar and Saray-e-moshir with its impressive architecture and interesting ethnic memento shops, Nasir Almolk mosque. Next, we will stop for a mouth-watering Iranian lunch at one of the conventional restaurants of Shiraz. This gorgeous city in the territory of Fars is home to famous poets such as Hafez and Sauadi and historical sites from different eras stretching back 6,000 years ago can be found. Hafez is one of great poets who overwhelmed everyone with his mastery. His poems give us a special feeling and the peace in his tomb is really terrific. Sa’adi is a poet, philosopher and mystic who are known as the father of an alternative tourist. About seven previous centuries he travelled to different countries and cities. Then he collected all his experiences in verse and Rhyme prose in two books named Boustan and Golestan.
Day 6: visiting Kish
Arrive at any time and be met at the airport by our transportation staff to be driven to the hotel. The morning is free to relax and visit the beach. In the afternoon a half day tour of the island sites is included. Visit Bird and Dolphin Park, Ancient Underground Water Reservoir and Greek Ship You are free to depart at any time for the airport to. Please inform our driver of your departure time so they can get you to the airport in plenty of time..

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