About Us


A few words about us

Established in 2015 with a main motive to handle inbound and International tourist. Peony Tours was specifically started as a travel agency.

With leisure travel as a core business, the company is also involved into corporate travel. We have access to huge transportation, as well as more fine tuned service development, while still contributing the modified services that has always been our strength and to ensure that quality of service is continued at all times Reliability, Regularity, Reassurance, Words that count most to our customers and to us. Where most of the team is headed from people from services background which looks to discipline, soothe, superiority and unity at work and society, which has headed the organization with unmatched professional reputation / benevolence in the business. .

Why we are different

Peony Tours - a name that is tantamount with the extremely popular tour packages, has been spreading its branch over the years, and apart from these destinations we also cater to Holidays in Kuwait, xxxx, xxxx, We are also the market leaders for many domestic destinations as well..

The company's cutthroat pricing, coupled with attention to detail, has enabled it to achieve a high level of customer contentment. We are a one-stop shop for all Travel Related Services, and offer complete solutions for Domestic as well as International travel, including Flights, Hotels, Cruises etc.